Liaoning provincial museum

The grounds where the Museum is located had previously been the residence of Tang Yulin, a famous military governor and in the 1930′s the complex was turned into a National Museum. It later became one of the three main museums in China and in 1949 it opened its doors to the public. Ten years later it was renamed the Liaoning Provincial Museum. Throughout the years there have been various additions to the old structure and one such was the main exhibition hall which is three-storey structure designed by a famous German architect.

The exhibits on display include more than 57,000 items representing the history and culture of the various eras and regions of China. The items are divided into categories such as calligraphy, painting, coins, embroidery, lacquer-ware, copper ware, pottery, ancient maps, sculpture, inscription on bone and tortoise shell, cloisonné, furniture, archaeological relics, furniture and even extinct animals and plants.

The exhibits portray the culture of the country from the Palaeolithic Age to the present day and this vast collection came mainly from the Fengtian Museum, history and archaeological research conducted after New China was created, and also through the Liberation War of the Northeast.

Some of the most interesting items to look out for are the silk artwork of Jingangjing woven in the Five Dynasties, Northern Song Dynasty artwork of Kesi, Gu’s embroidery of Maitreya, the Tang dynasty painting ‘Beauty Wearing Flowers in Hair’, and the Liao Dynasty ‘Colourful Porcelain’. Other important items on display are the Matteo Ricci’s Complete Map of the World, Bronze Jar and Lei from Shang and Zhou Dynasties, and the painted scroll of ‘Painting Chess in Remote Mountains’.

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