Music: nso announces americas tour

The NSO’s first international tour, in 1959, was also to Latin America, though it lasted not 15 days but 12 weeks, part of a program by the State Department. How times have changed. The NSO is not announcing this tour’s [...]

Nso to tour “americas” in june

UPDATED VERSION, 4:50 pm: The National Symphony Orchestra has finally confirmed that, as has long been rumored, it is going to Latin and South America in June. It’s the orchestra’s first international tour under Christoph Eschenbach.Music Director Christoph Eschenbach and [...]

Visitors from china tour wheatland center school

The visitors from China watch Wheatland kindergarten students sort and make patterns with their fruit loop cereal snack.Note: Wheatland Center School is currently advertising on – DHWheatland Center School has seen a number of visitors come through the halls since starting [...]

Apple ceo visits controversial manufacturing plant

Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook has now visited Foxconn, the eastern Chinese manufacturing facility that has been at the center of a media storm these past few months. Last week Cook toured Zhengzhou Technology Park, where many Apple products, [...]

3g fiasco puts juti in a bind

ABOUT POLITICS Democrat Party deputy leader Juti Krairiksh has found himself in the hot seat - not to his great surprise - as a result of what [...]

Foxconn promises to fix a multitude of violations found by fla audit

By Mikey Campbell Published: 04:44 PM EST (01:44 PM PST) A Fair Labor Association audit of working conditions at Apple supplier Foxconn's plants has revealed a number of violations, but the Chinese company has reportedly vowed to rectify the situation. The FLA posted [...]

Real madrid system coming to guangzhou academy soon

Guangzhou Evergrande is set to introduce Real Madrid's training system to China after the clubs finalized a contract on Wednesday to open a soccer academy in Guangzhou. [...]

China gets serious about seatbelt use

By Xin Dingding and Zhi Yun Traffic authorities have mounted a campaign to get people to use seatbelts to reduce fatalities on the road. A campaign initiated by three central government agencies [...]

Apple ceo takes china tour

Apple CEO Tim Cook was in China over the last several days, touring Apple stores in cities like Beijing, local media reported. Cook was first found in an Apple store in Beijing on Friday after [...]

Keep talking, chinese president urges obama

Chinese President Hu Jintao and US President Barack Obama held talks during Obama's China tour, on a range of issues, including the situation on the Korean Peninsula, on the sidelines of the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit.President Hu said China [...]